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Physis was created June 2010 between Wesley Hartshorn and Trey Kauffman. The first Physis Films Showcase soon followed.  Premiering five Physis short films we produced in six months. Marketing and selling tickets to a local theater was a success!

What quickly followed was a Physis short film titled, "Innocence Lost" which received international attention and was accepted into the Cleveland International, and the SURGE International Film Festival 2012, creating excellent exposure. The seeds of Physis were planted.

Wesley and Kathleen met in 2011 on the set of a TV show they were co-producing. They established a bond which soon began taking Physis deeper into TV production landing us in Nashville pitching to Network Executives and catching the interest of our current agent, Carey Nelson Burch.

The birth of Physis has created Films, TV shows and Documentaries, the ship is sailing.

Wesley and Kathleen are primed for further creation, they have secured a portfolio of script concepts, feature films, TV Shows and own several copyrights and other Industry assets ready for production.

Physis has positioned itself with key distribution outlets both Domestic and International.

Furthering development Physis has also acquired key Real Estate holdings primed for development in the Midwest.